Russell Leon Adamson - choreographer

Russell Leon Adamson was born in Jamaica and moved to England with his family at age of 10. He attained three city and guild certificates in electronics and engineering at Gloucester City College. His athletic abilities lead him to the Gloucester Youth Gymnastics team and to amateurs as well as Thai boxing. He carries the black belt status in various Martial Art Techniques. With this physical background he was granted a 4-year scholarship (1982) at the London School of Contemporary Dance. At the same time he took classes in Classical Ballet at the Central School of Ballet in London.

He studied ballet with Marian Lane and Laura Conners of the Royal Ballet School and Company (UK) and Jazz with Deirdre Lowell and Wayne Babeist (Alvin Ailey Company), Daniela Lorenz (Matt Mattox Company), Charles Augins (USA) and also Claude Paul Henry (London) and Max Stone (New York). He also studied Modern with Bill Louther (Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey Company), Carolyn Carson and Jorma Uotinen (Helsinki City Theatre, Finland), Viola Farber from the Merce Cunningham Company, Jane Dudley and Robert Cohan from the Martha Graham Company.

Russell Adamson is an innovative teacher, motivating his students to focus on their work, so they can do more than they expected. With his support many young dancers have chosen dance as their profession. He has also created many choreographies, which received a lot of recognition in Finland and abroad. During the last years he has worked as a performer for the National Ballet of Estonia, the Gala for the 6th International Baltic Ballet Festival (Riga, Lithuania) and for Marimekkos 50th birthday (2001 - 2004), among others. In addition he has worked with the Black Dance Festival in Vienna (2002 & 2003) and the Estonia Art and Culture Gala Night in Tallinn (2004).

As a choreographer he has created his own work including: "Spirit of the Landscape" (Finland, 2005), a solo and duet with Rodney Williams for the Black Dance Festival (Vienna, 2005), "Flow" a solo (London, 2006), "Terrain" (Finland, 2006), a choreography for the opera La Traviata (Finland, 2006), "Episodes" for the Rainbow Jazz Festival (2007, Estonia), a choreography for the Higher Ground Gospel Concert (Finland, 2007), The Live Orchestral Music and visual effects show at the Estonia Concert Hall (Tallinn, 2007), a Funk & HipHop choreography for the Urban Culture Tour (Helsinki, 2007), a choreography for the jazz opera Manon with the world premiere (Estonia, February 2008), a choreography and libretto of the contemporary ballet called “Crossroads” (Vanemuine Theatre, Estonia 2017) and many others.

Russell Leon Adamson about the phenomena called flow: “The most sacred place we have is the temple of the body. Take a moment to check on your body, let your mind flow through your body; what are you feeling? We must ultimately express inform those thoughts, emotions and impulses we store in the body; whether through music, dance or the voice. Like the ocean, we are a mystery of buried treasures. You can plunge into the deepest resources of your soul to find freedom in the shores of life the flow within and without the body. Music is dance and dance is music. Change is flow and flow is change.”