Trio X of Sweden - classic, jazz

Trio X, formed in 2002 in Uppsala, is one of Sweden's foremost improvisational groups. The trio's distinctive feature is exploratory and boundary-crossing music, the experienced musicians finding inspiration in many genres. With elegance and conviction they convey feelings that reach the listener from every direction. This is music for the inquisitive mind and will surely be the source of great enjoyment. The slogan of Trio X is:”Expect the unexpected!”

Trio X is a multi-faceted ensemble that works with many projects, from concerts in jazz clubs, in concert halls, and at major festivals to classroom appearances. Alongside their public concerts, they also play in healthcare and caring institutions. The musicians also teach and provide inspiration for amateur groups.

Among Trio X’s many outstanding collaborators, mention can be made of cellist Svante Henryson, recorder player Dan Laurin, accordionist Bengan Janson, guitarist Georg Wadenius, singer Mikael Samuelson, and saxophonist Magnus Lindgren. They have also worked with choirs, like Orphei Drängar, and orchestras, such as Uppsala Chamber Orchestra. On several occasions the trio has toured in Estonia with the Estonian saxophone virtuoso Lembit Saarsalu, including the dance production Changing Images, which is based on music by Trio X.

Lennart Simonsson, fresh out of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in 1986, has been working in Sweden during 30 years as a pianist, music director, arranger and composer, in big-bands and smaller groups playing jazz, pop and rock, cooperating with greatest Swedish musicians. He has worked also as a teacher in jazz piano, music communication and interpretation. Lennart Simonsson has composed several works, including “Oratio” - a piece for choir, synthesizer, tablas, vibraphone and percussion (2000), two pieces for the symphony orchestra and jazz  piano trio: ”The Albatross Suite” (2007) and ”Pyramus and Thisbe” (2016).

Per V Johansson is well-respected Swedish bass player in many different genres. He has played with Monica Törnell Band, Mikael Råberg’s Big Band, Sven Bertil Taube’s Gröna Lund Orchestra among others. He has played Latin American music in many forms, including the samba orchestra Bananas. Per V Johansson started studying the bass with Leif Andersson in Östersund during high school and completed his studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Joakim Ekberg has worked as a professional musician since the age of 14 and taught since he was 18. He teaches at the School of Music in Piteå, Framnäs Folk High School, and the University College of Music Education in Stockholm. As a musician, he has performed around the world, including TV, radio, theater, and recordings. Joakim has played virtually every kind of music, e.g. jazz, pop, fusion, rock, soul, Latin, samba, classical, and big band, with many of Sweden’s top musicians.